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Making a Well-Rounded Life Attainable

At 1st Choice Day Hab, we believe that all people deserve the chance to fully live their lives in a community where they can learn, work, and play. We understand that individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities require different levels of support so that they can achieve their goals as well as a sense of fulfillment. Those who are aging are also entitled to receive support from agencies that cater to senior citizens.

To meet the needs of our clients in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, our organization provides skills training and various stimulating day activities. We also focus on the following aspects of community living:


Intellectually and/or developmentally challenged individuals can find competitive job opportunities in their communities. To help them, they must be given support in making informed decisions regarding their chosen career path. More importantly, they should have access to resources that will allow them to achieve success in integrated community employment.

Family Support

To realize their full potential, individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities need support from their families as well as the community and government. By expanding the family support system, the ability of the members to help each other can be reinforced.


All people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have the right to choose the community where they want to live in and be fully included with people who do not have disabilities.

Children naturally have to live with their families, while adults can fully decide where and with whom they want to stay. They are also entitled to opportunities to buy or rent their own homes.

Individual Supports

To help someone with an intellectual and/or developmental disability perform daily life functions, individual supports, like personal assistance and assistive technology, must be available.


People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities should be given access to public and private modes of transportation so that they can lead, full independent lives.

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