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Advocating for People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Building a Better Future

1st Choice Day Hab advocates for the well-being of individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. As a nonprofit organization, we provide day activities that will stimulate, educate, and engage clients. Active treatment and skills training programs are also available to develop and improve the functional abilities of our clients.

Our Mission

It is our goal to uphold the rights of those we work with. Dedicated to making a change and delivering quality care, our compassionate staff encourages the complete integration of people with disabilities in the community.

Core Values

Individuals who are intellectually and/or developmentally challenged are not defined by their disabilities, but by their intrinsic values, abilities, and strengths. We believe in:

  • Equity: Like other people, persons with disabilities must be given respect. As we are all equal before the law, people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities are also entitled to dignity, equality, safety, and security that other community members have.
  • Community: People who have developmental and/or intellectual disabilities belong in the community. They have fundamental, civil, constitutional, and moral rights and because of these, they should be allowed to partake in various communal activities.
  • Self-Determination: Encouraging self-determination and self-advocacy, we uphold the right of people with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities to make decisions for themselves. With adequate resources as well as a strong support system, these individuals can decide on issues that affect their lives.
  • Diversity: The whole community benefits from having members with diverse backgrounds. Everyone, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, geographic location, gender, or disability, has something to contribute to the society.
  • Public Interest: We stand for the public interest by supporting people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families, regardless of the kind of disability or membership at our organization.

About Our Founder

Odile Bledsoe has been working in the field for more than 20 years. Passionate about helping people with disabilities, she established 1st Choice Day Hab in 2012 as an avenue to serve others.

What People Say

Read the following testimonials to find out how clients in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas have benefited from our services.

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